Pegs - Solitaire Halma

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Deskripsi Pegs - Solitaire Halma

Solo Halma, also called Solitaire, is a strategic board game for single players.
Try to remove all pieces, except the last one, from the board in this logic game. You can do this by jumping with a neighbouring stone onto a free field of the stone to be removed. You can always only jump horizontally or vertically. Around the corner or diagonally (except for the triangle field) is not allowed.
With its individual boards, tasks and puzzles, Solohalma is the perfect game for in between. Increase your concentration, whether you're on your way to work or home in the tram or the train, take a few minutes off your head on the toilet or want to relax in bed in the evening, there's always time for a little round of Halma.
Train your concentration skills by planning your moves in advance and constantly improving yourself. And when the standard boards are no longer a challenge for you, there are many other tasks. If you want to solve something completely new and fresh, there is also a generator, which creates your own puzzle according to the board size and difficulty level.
- solve fields
- solve figures
- solve problems
- puzzle mode with random arrangement of the pieces (always detachable)
- various stone and board skins
The official world record for the standard board is 18 moves, can you do the same?!
This game is also known under other names, for example Steckhalma, Solohalma, Springer, Nonnenspiel or Einsiedlerspiel. In English the game is called Pegs, Solo Noble, Jumper, Sailors Solitaire and Solitaire. Even in India, the game is known as Brainvita. In the USA it is known after a well-known brand HI-Q.
Data from Wikipedia:
Originally from France, the game first appeared on a portrait of Claude-Auguste Berey in 1687 and was undoubtedly played at the court of the Sun King. In England it was first mentioned in 1746.
In Switzerland, this board game is widely known as the "Amden Tubbeli Game". Amden is a village on Lake Walen. Craftsmen in Amden make such board games.

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